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Lisa Jenny Krieg

Anthropologist of human-environment-technology relations and author of speculative fiction

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Other output

  • Krieg, Lisa J. (2018). Horizonte der Fürsorge. Warum eine Ethnologin Gecko-Mensch-Beziehungen erforscht (engl: Horizons of care. Why an anthropologist researches human-gecko-relations). In Der Taggecko. Informationen der Interessengruppe Phelsuma 102(2): 20-22.

  • Azzi, M., L. Krieg, G. Colombo, E.M. Berning, G. Uboldi, L. Dijkstra, N. Sanchez-Querubin, A. Hupli, and A. Hardon (2017). Chemical knowledge. Establishing and stabilizing knowledge of psychedelics and designer drugs on Wikipedia. @ Zenodo.

  • Krieg, L.J., E.M. Berning, G. Colombo, M. Azzi, and A. Hardon (2016). Visualising Erowid. A data driven anthropological research on drugs. @

  • Krieg, L.J. (2016). On Instagram, a Journey From Bear to Bile. In Sapiens – Anthropology/Everything Human.