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Lisa Jenny Krieg

Anthropologist of human-environment-technology relations and author of speculative fiction

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About me

I’m an anthropologist and author of speculative fiction interested in human-technology-environment relations - in particular in the messiness around the blurred boundaries between the categories.

I’m currently conducting research in the DFG-funded project “Gecko Translocalities”, which explores the realtionships between humans and Phelsuma day geckos in the terraristics and herpetology community in Germany, and with nature conservationists on La Réunion and Mauritius.

After stations in Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Bonn, I’m currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Prof. Julia Verne at the Geography Department of the University of Mainz.

My research has been published in various international journals. My fiction has appeared at, and in Exodus Magazin. One short story has been translated into Marathi and published in the literary journal Kelyane Bhashantar (Marathi translation quarterly).

My all-time favorite authors are Tonke Dragt, Nnedi Okorafor, David Mitchell, and Dan Simmons.